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Kathi Piergies

Secretary         216-509-6158


A Pepper Pike resident since 1995, Kathi currently works as a senior engineer at Goodyear Headquarters in Akron.  One of her responsibilities is to support the tire manufacturing operations in far away lands – such as spending 4 months in China in 2010.  The next support assignment will be looking towards Latin America.  Before working for Goodyear, Kathi was the manufacturing engineering manager for Lamson and Sessions.  Lamson made the Carlon product, those little blue plastic electrical boxes in the electrical section at Home Depot!  Lamson owned factories all over the US and an operation in Hong Kong, a very beautiful city.  Now that her road warrior days are over, she has joined the Civic League board.  Kathi’s hobbies include physical fitness activities including  biking, hiking, and fitness classes.  When given the opportunity, she is out exercising her road warrior skills by visiting Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Puerto Vallarta.